Chef’s Aprons, Market Bags, and Garden Bistro half aprons

are what WorldTailors is all about...

Our products are competitively priced, double thickness, reversible and 
incredibly high quality, so they last a long time –and they are also beautiful.


We use a variety of colours and prints - always in 100% cotton - that will
match either your branding – or, if you prefer, your blender!

And when you buy from us?
You’re changing lives.

Every item at World Tailors is made by a courageous woman from around the world. They are newcomers to Canada, some from war-torn countries, who have literally had to run for their lives.


Woman's hands pinning a World Tailors tag on a denim bag. White sewing maching in background.
Woman in yellow jacket sitting behind a white sewing machine, stitching a seam on a brown apron.

Through working at World Tailors, these incredible women learn:
• Conversational English
• Marketing skills,
• Budgeting skills
• Sewing skills
• and life skills, for living in Canada

Together they stave off loneliness, isolation and depression. World Tailors
becomes their refuge and their launching pad into Canadian society.

At World Tailors, we help courageous women build their skills, while
keeping our customers happy in the kitchen and looking good!

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